Stephen King and the Adaptation to film

I found this in an article about Stephen King's new "motion comic" that will be released online through Aug. 29, based on a short story of his. While I'm looking forward to the comic itself, I find his observation on the nature of adaptations of his work rather amusing.

"I've got my own work to do, and all this is something else," he says. "To me, when I finish with something, it's like dead skin. And if people want to make dead-skin sculptures, that's fine. Just give me my cut."

I'm not sure why, but when I read that, I laughed out loud. At work. I think it was the combination of morbidity and biting wit that did it for me. That's the largest reason I think he's so fantastic as an author. He's honest - often in the most bizarre ways - and that's something you just have to respect.

I know he has been deeply involved in and critical of his own adaptations from time to time, but I think he is probably being very honest here, taking less interest in those projects he hasn't been asked to be involved in, and going in full-steam ahead for things he has co-adapted (the mini-series adaptations, comics, etc.)

I love Stephen King. Maybe Alan Moore could learn something about this approach instead of coming out against everything on principle.

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