Here's a few that I'm looking forward to.  Oddly enough, none of them are really on anyone's radar.


This is an odd-ball.  Matt Damon plays a congressman, and Emily Blunt a ballerina, who share a romance, but soon find out that they cannot be together due to...a lot of extenuating circumstances.  A group of creepy guys in hats start following them around (see also: DARK CITY, KNOWING) that turn out to be some sort of supra-national organization that controls, quite literally, everything on the planet, and that Blunt and Damon's coming together would spell disaster for something that's supposed to happen.  It's that perfect paranoid conspiracy that has me hooked, even though I know things like this probably don't really exist - especially with the odd sci-fi bent.  Still, I'm into it.


This thriller from Anton Corbijn, who directed the excellent Ian Curtis (Joy Division) biopic CONTROL, stars George Clooney as an assassin on "one last assignment".  While this plot development is overused almost to the point of it being a parody, the classy Clooney's keeping me interested - I'll watch anything he does, even if I eventually find it insufferable.  The trailer's got some pretty great scenes in it.


Gordon Gekko is back, and I'm super-excited.  There's been plenty of buzz from Cannes and elsewhere that Oliver Stone's sequel is very much on-point, and that's great news.  Some people may have problems with the film, but I don't really care.  I'll be there opening weekend.

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