Indie Grits 2010 Opening Night, Program 2

Editor's note: This brief piece was originally posted by Woody Jones on the blog for our podcast, Shadows and Light.  It is reprinted here by permission.

I had the pleasure of attending the 8:30 program of Indie Grits held in the current Nickelodeon Theatre on Main Street. This music-centric series included music videos from local artists The Thirsties and Preach Jacobs. Directors David Arthur and William Stewart used The Thirsties’ video for “Greener in Their Prime” as an excuse to dabble in Super 8 cinemtography while Ryan Cockrell shot Preach Jacobs at his apartment as well as local watering hole, The Whig. Congrats to Cockrell and Jacobs as their video for “Falling” which will be featured soon on BET. Next came Slopdog Millionaire, a documentary short on local garage rockers Mercy Mercy Me, by filmmakers Robert Johnson and Andy Woodward detailing a debaucherous night in Charleston,SC after the band played a gig at the Tin Roof. Drunken shenanigans also play a major role in Matthew Robison’s exploration of the Atlanta music scene entitled We Fun. Anchored by local bands such as The Black Lips and Deerhunter, the film is an excellent snapshot of a music scene that is gaining national notoriety. After such an exceptional series of films, I look forward to the next batch!

Woody Jones is the host and editor of Columbia Vitals, and co-host of Shadows and Light - A Movie Podcast.  He also writes a regular column for SceneSC.com

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