Antici---pation: Upcoming Movies to Be Excited About

I used to do a regular feature on here where I'd highlight a few of the films coming out that I was personally anticipating very, very much.  I've decided to try again to bring you this column, and hope that the YouTube vids I put on here hold out a bit longer.  I know, I should just download and post them myself, but whatever.  Embedding is easier and I'm lazy.  Today, some (somewhat) historically-based movies that I think should be a blast, or that I hope are in any case.

Writer/Director Neil Marshall's (THE DESCENT) follow-up to DOOMSDAY tells a fictionalized account of the struggle between the Roman Empire's Ninth Legion and the ancient Picts in Britain, circa 117 AD.  This looks pretty hot.  I am a fan of Marshall's stuff, and I'm finally stoked to see a historical action film that doesn't feature (at least not from the trailer) a ton of slo-mo and 300 cribbing.  The cast is stellar: Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, and Olga Kurylenko.  If the battle showcased in the trailer, where the legion is ambushed, is anything like the historical Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, it will be amazing.  I choose this over Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD any day.

This may end up sucking, but I highly doubt it, even with my reservations about Sam Worthington as an actor.  It's not like you have to be at all intellectually viable when you're playing the hero of a Greek sword-and-sorcery epic.  Director Louis Leterrier at least knows how to make a mindlessly fun action flick (see the first TRANSPORTER and 2008's underrated INCREDIBLE HULK for proof).  I won't be seeing this in the newly announced 3D iteration because it was done in post-production and will likely be more engaging in non-3D anyway.  And that Cthulu/Deep Ones/Dagon-like Kraken design is amazingly immense and breathtaking.

Legendary pulp author Robert E. Howard's Puritan hero finally gets a film that may or may not be good, but I'm all about some vengeance-obsessed bloodletting.  This trailer is fun, and it's got to be better than that Kull movie with Kevin Sorbo years ago.  Anyway, between this and JONAH HEX, I can't decide which vaguely historical comic book/revenge movie I want to see more.  HEX has the pedigree in place, but KANE has a great legacy of its own, especially if they stay true to the character as originally envisioned, and is anything like the recent comic book of the same name that pretty much kicks serious ass.

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