In the hope of actually giving a much more thorough trek through my recent viewings, I write mini-reviews/thoughts/etc. of those movies I just don't have the time to devote to writing up as a longer piece. Ladies and gentlement, once again, I give you an installment of "Blurbs":

I was waiting a couple years to see this one, and finally I get to say that it was pretty good. As an anthology film of sorts, albeit by a single director, several stories are interlinked at various points throughout Halloween night. There aren't any really big moments, but it's enjoyable over all, with several small thigns really shining through. In particular, I was fond of a story invovling some kids pulling a prank on an unpopular girl, Rhonda the Retard. The atmosphere works, and the payoff is kinda wicked. Ditto the opening story about a school principal's distasteful plan for improving his school. Recommended if you like this sort of thing, or are just in the mood to watch something fun and light for a 'scary movie' night or something.  Plus, Anna Paquin (see pic) in a Red Riding Hood outfit!

Rubbish. See INSIDE instead for modern pregnancy horror. Or ROSEMARY'S BABY. Or IT'S ALIVE, even. Just skip GRACE.

Yes, the Marx Brothers resort to black face, but I don't think it's mocking the thirty or so black faces on prominent display during the musical number. Insensitive, yes, but it was the '30s, and they're Jews. Regardless, this is one of their best and funniest, with all their stock characters at their best. A must-see.

I really should watch this movie more often than I do, probably, being as it's the foundation of the rape-revenge sub-genre, but it had literally been years until a couple weeks back. Simply masterful. This is my favorite Bergman - von Sydow's perfect as always. Haunting and unforgettable. Too bad so many people will never bother to watch this since it's in black and white. Oh, and gorgeous B&W at that.

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