Summertime is fast approaching, and with it the onslaught of new blockbusters. Usually the summer months are filled with mindless entertainment, with several extremely guilty pleasures sneaking there way into my life (last year's TRANSFORMERS comes to mind.) This year, though, it seems like it could be completely different, with the blockbusters offering a respite from the purely idiotic fare the season has become known for in multiplexes. Here's a glimpse at a few of my most-anticipated titles for the summer.

This film just received its official title yesterday, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. But I do know that I'm head-over-heels in love with the fact that on July 25th, I'll be watching a brand-spankin' new X-FILES film in theaters, and that's enough for me. Still no word on the plot, as Chris Carter is keeping the lid on even tighter than Spielberg is for Indy's new adventures (see below), though he has acknowledged that it will be a stand-alone story harkening back to the less mythology-heavy early seasons of the show. But everyone wants to know what the monster is, if the show's ending will be addressed at all in the film (the coming colonization/invasion in 2012), and if Mulder and Scully finally take their relationship to the next level (this may not matter to non-die-hards, but it's important, trust me.) I literally cannot wait to find out the answers. If this movie came out tomorrow, I'd call in sick to work and be there first thing.

This is the best I could find as the official trailer is not yet released.

After almost twenty years, I think it's a miracle this is even happening. But Harrison Ford still looks good in the costume, and I generally trust Spielberg, even with George Lucas involved very heavily. Aside from the basics (in-continuity with the other films, takes place in the 1950s and a very big Cold War vibe), not much is known about the plot, although general speculation that it takes on some sci-fi elements seems to be a good bet. If previous screenplay drafts with titles like Indiana Jones and the Saucermen from Mars aren't enough to convince you, then maybe the mere fact that, even in the trailer, it's acknowledged that Indy makes his way to Roswell will do the trick. That would also make sense given Lucas and Spielberg's intentions to make the series an homage to the major serials produced in the era the films take place in (in the 30's, it was adventure, in the 50's, science fiction.) We'll see. Also, I really hope they put out a full trailer soon. We're not that far off, guys...

I really, really hope this turns out well.

Aside from the amazing fact that they're releasing a Batman film in theaters without the word Batman in the title (egads!!!), this should shape up to be completely stunning work from everyone involved. I'm a huge, huge, huge Batman fan, and I love BATMAN BEGINS, so you can only imagine the anticipation I have for this film. The Joker, the story (pulled heavily from the comics' "The Long Halloween"), and everything else I've seen look and sound fantastic. The mother of all superhero movies? Quite possibly. And I wouldn't be surprised to see awards mentioned for this flick either, considering its highly respectable pedigree. Who in the hell isn't waiting to see THE DARK KNIGHT?

Even though everyone has seen it, here's the trailer anyway...but in LEGO-mation!

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